Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Table Tennis and Early Stage Alzheimer

 Table tennis, affectionately known as ping pong, is a potential vaccine in the fight against Early Stage Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia affecting over five million Americans today. Steadily gaining media attention, even Oprah’s favorite doc, Dr. Oz, dedicated a whole segment of his TV show on the benefits of ping pong, describing it as his favorite ‘brain’ sport. 

Dr. Oz, along with three helpers (Tina, Barbara and Deb), demonstrated the fabulous game of ping pong. In addition to being very fun, did you know that ping pong can help prevent and even improve alzheimer’s disease?

As the ping pong ball bounces back and forth, you need good hand eye coordination, and the rapid eye movements plus the analysis and constant calculation that your brain has to do to predict where the ball will be, keeps your brain young and improves both motor and cognitive functions! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Table Tennis & Improving Your Health

Although it is generally thought of as a leisure activity, table tennis actually has many health and wellness benefits. Individuals who play table tennis regularly can expect improved reflexes and hand-eye coordination while strengthening the muscles of the arms, back, and abdomen.
Given that the ball can reach speeds of nearly 100 mph, keen reflexes are essential to the table tennis player. A player has but a fraction of a second to react to the ball as it caroms off the table tennis table. These reflexes will be honed with every spirited match one plays.
The quick and frequent movements of the arms required in table tennis improve strength, stamina, and health of the arm muscles. Improved musculature is not limited to the arms, though. Abdominal muscles are strengthened from the constant twisting of the midsection. Also, because one must bend at the waist frequently while playing table tennis, the lower back muscles are strengthened.
Hand-eye coordination is important not only to avid video game players; it is essential to many important daily activities such as driving a car. An individual's hand-eye coordination can be radically improved from table tennis. A frequent competitor who is armed with improved reflexes and hand-eye coordination is prepared to react calmly to any perilous situation one may encounter on the road.
Time spent around the table tennis table for a few matches will no doubt promote healthy family relationships and friendships, but it will also promote a healthy body and improve one's overall wellness.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

                            Play it, Watch it, Love it

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Innerforce Blade Series from Butterfly

The new, innovative Innerforce blades enables the player to gain full benefit from the unique ply construction; it provides a slightly softer ball contact feeling compared to the similar Timo Boll blade models. The artificial fibre is placed directly on the inner ply and not between the middle and the outer ply.
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